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यस आगोपाटी डटकममा कुनै सामाग्री प्रकाशन गर्नुपरेमा हामीलाई सम्पर्क गर्नुहोला । सम्पर्क नंम्बर ९८४२१४५०४५

New Miss Bhutan US Will Bring Some Tangible Positive Change In The Community.

A curious mind and the notion that you are a life learner is the way to go for the newly licensed Registered Nurse, Arati Ghising Tamang, in the State of Virginia, USA. As someone who learned to take care of people around herself at an early age from her mother, Arati had set her mind to become a health professional in the future at an early age. Till this day, health science and human behavior continues to fascinate Arati, and is always incorporating evidence-based practices in her personal and professional life.  Arati is one of the thousands of Bhutanese refugees who had to flee on her mother’s lap at the age of 6-months from Bhutan. Later, her family was resettled in Bhutanese Refugee camp Beldagni-II in eastern Nepal. Forced to flee with the war-torn family with little to no belongings, her father, a science student at Sherubtse college in east Bhutan, took the responsibility of his family gracefully in his own hands and moved to Kathmandu soon after in the search of better job and future. He believed in nothing but giving his then two young daughters quality education in the capital city of Nepal, Kathmandu. There, Arati attended and graduated from a renowned and one of the best schools in the valley. When the long-awaited opportunity came to be resettled in a developed third country, she chose to come to the United States at the young age of twenty in the summer of 2012. Since then, she has worked on nothing but to educate herself and achieve the American dream built on hard work, kindness, and compassion for her community. Arati graduated from nursing school with an Associate’s Degree in May 2017 with honors, and plans to go back to school to complete her Bachelor in Nursing from the University Of Virginia School Of Nursing. Her long-term plan is to become either a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA) or a Nurse Practitioner (NP). Throughout the tenure in the United States--in addition to working towards her career goals-she always tried to find ways to educate and give back to her community. Arati worked as a community interpreter for people with limited English proficiency for various services at schools, hospitals, courts, and so on and so forth. She volunteered with the International Rescue Committee to encourage eligible people from her community to apply for citizenship, and with The Women’s Initiative as a co-facilitator in providing workshops on mental health and nutrition.  Let alone winning, Arati hadn’t even considered filling an application to Miss Bhutan US until a month before the deadline for the pageantry for 2017 because of commitment to school and her personal responsibilities. But finally, she could participate in the pageantry after she was finished with school and had the summer to herself. With the new identity, Arati Ghising Tamang, Miss Bhutan US 2017, plans to work on the deficits such as, youth illiteracy, women empowerment, teen pregnancy, alcoholism and drugs, and so on that we face as resettled Bhutanese refugees in the United States.
· How do you feel about winning this title? 
Felt accomplished and it was a good feeling of “now I have the opportunity to share with the community in a larger scale."

·  How did you achieve the title?
I have learned a lot throughout the years, and by polishing the skills that have and by learning a few new during the training, I was able to show the best side of me. That’s how I was able to achieve the title.

·    What brought you to be a Miss Bhutan US 2017 ?
I was interested in being part of the Himalayan Festival—which is one of the biggest festivals in the US for Nepali-speaking Bhutanese, that was going on for 3 years before I applied to the pageantry. I wanted to gain a learning experience through the training by working with the contestants, trainers, and the organizers.

·  Once you became Miss Bhutan US, what difference did you find in yourself? What is the difference between past and present Arati? 
I’ll always to grateful to have met those beautiful ladies and hope to be friends forever with them. Each of the participants had their own uniqueness and charisma and so did I. But I had my own advantage in the sense that I was a little older and perhaps wiser—which translated/came off as being knowledgeable and confident during the training and all the different rounds in the pageant show. I feel more responsible now that there is an expectation from the people that the new Miss Bhutan US will bring some tangible positive change in the community.
·   What are your future plans? What do you do socially to Bhutanese Community ?
 I have a bunch of personal plans—mainly related to school. And I do have plans that I’d like to implement to make our community better. Those areas would be: sex education, teen pregnancy, mental illness, youth empowerment, alcoholism, and stratification based on caste and gender.

·   Why audiences criticize Miss Bhutan US competition?
   It’s because of the lack of better understanding. Maybe your life has not been touched personally by the pageantry or the contestants, but anyone who has been a part of this pageantry, knows the opportunity, value, and dignity it brings to their life. It’s not just show of bodies wearing fancy dresses and walking around smiling; it’s deeper than that. It’s all the hard work, courage, and persistence that goes into bringing the show to life. There’s involvement of a lot of people in the background who’s helping to make this pageantry a success, so that young women feel free and confident to speak their mind, impart their knowledge, and at the same time allow other women to do the same; it’s empowering women and society as a whole.

· How do you change negativity that is been going on in social media?
I’m not sure if I can change the negativity that is going in circles in the social media, but I can certainly do my part by not joining the pact and urging other people not to do so too.

  ·  How do you accept Miss Bhutan USA competition? Does it help youngsters to come into modeling? What do you want to say to those female who want to compete in Miss Bhutan US?
   I take Miss Bhutan US as a very respectable platform for Nepali-speaking Bhutanese young women to showcase their knowledge and talent. It’s an opportunity to come out of your shell and be a part of a drive that brings about a positive change in the community. Miss Bhutan US can be a door opener for you to go mainstream in modeling career if you want to. I and my friends who took part in this year’s pageantry have received such offers, so there’s definitely that break if you’re looking for one. I encourage young women to take part in the pageantry because it.

· You are a Nurse, right? how did you come to this field?
  Yes, I am a nurse, but I’m a curious young lady too. If I see an opportunity to learn from, I jump right at it without over analyzing it. I felt like, through this opportunity I could both teach and learn, that’s why I decided to give it a try.

·  How do you define love?
   Love is an abstract feeling that’s not easy to explain. It’s subjective and could have a million different definitions. But for me, love is a sacred bond that’s given and received to and from any number of sources.

·   You might have boyfriend, right?
I think some questions are better left unanswered.

· What do you want to say at the end?
wish people tried their best to live in harmony, spread compassion and kindness, and drop the judgement and try to understand others more regardless of age, sex, gender, caste, disabilities, nationality, and language. The world would be a better place to live in. And I want to thank you for allowing me to share my thoughts. It’s such a pleasure.

                                                                                                    Interview By:- Hem Giri

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